Forming the next generation of researchers
The Undergraduate Research Initiative was founded on the principle of spreading our passion for research. We incite creative thinking through our case competitions, and spark interest in science through outreach, and help undergraduate students find lab placements.
The URI team
What we do
Our core activities help achieve our goal of inciting interest in research and developing key skills.
For undergraduate students. The Scinapse case competition is a provincial competition that focuses on forming a research proposal to tackle key topics in science. The first round involves a written proposal, while the second involves a poster competition against students from all across the province.
For High School students. The Ottawa Science Innovation Challenge is a great way to apply critical thinking by proposing a solution to a case impacting many Canadians. Students have the opportunity to work in groups and submit a written research proposal. Finalists will be invited to compete in a poster presentation round at the University of Ottawa. OSIC is possible due to our partnership with Let's Talk Science.
Scinapse USCC
Our outreach programs help promote science and research to all members of the community. The outreach program is key to incite interest in the field of research in science and attract potential soon to be researchers, investors or simply to satisfy curiosity. Our partnership with various organisations help make our outreach possible.
SciLink is a portal connecting students interested in lab positions with professors who are interested in hiring. Whether it be for a summer placement, UROP, an Honors project or even volunteering, SciLink allows you to quickly filter for professors actively looking for students. This unique opportunity allows students to develop lab techniques in a stimulating environment.